On April 23 at both services of “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk Tatyana Lozhkina recited her poems about “earthly” and “heavenly” love. A song about our Savior who gave us peace and life written by one of our choristers Valery Nikulin was also performed. At the morning service the church prayed for Evgeniy and Ekaterina Chernitsyny’s second newborn child.

Konstantin Gogolev shared a word about the significance of Christ’s resurrection. He drew church’s attention to the issues that are important to remember all the time, not only on Easter day. Christ’s resurrection is a climax event that changed the course of history and people’s lives. As an example the preacher reminded how the lives of the Apostles changed. The disciples of Jesus couldn’t understand a lot from His parables, fell asleep when Jesus asked them to stay awake and pray with Him (Matthew 26:40, 43), denied Him (Matthew 26:70-74). Konstantin gave as an example the Apostle Peter in whom God’s power revealed after Christ’s resurrection. Peter, who tried to talk Jesus out (Matthew 16:22), gave his own life for His sake. The Lord will reveal His power through us, too, if we trust in His power and resurrection (Ephesians 1:19-20).  

Senior pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov addressed to the church with the sermon named “To be called and to be a Christian”. The pastor advised to think of the difference of these two notions (1 John 3:1 (TN: Russian Synodal translation says: “to be called and be the children of God”)). If the Apostle John noted this, it means that there are people who are called Christians, but who are not actually ones. Pastor explained how this can be expressed in the lives of Christians. Firstly, a person can be called a believer but deny this in their way of life. Secondly, being called a Christian but following God’s word in not all areas of life. Pastor noted that such approach is widespread among new believers. Thirdly, one can be called and actually be a Christian, when the lifestyle doesn’t contradict the words and believes.

So what should we do in order to be and not only be called the children of God? We should “see what great love the Father has lavished on us”. We can do this thinking of Christ’s cross (Romans 5:8). Pastor encouraged the church to remember of the love shown on the cross and change into His image (2 Corinthians 3:18).

Alisa Zorkina


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