On March 24-26 youth conference for churches of Volga and Ural Federal Districts, which has already become traditional, took place in “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk. This time organizers chose the topic “In the Beginning was the Word” offering participants to focus their attention on it. About 500 young people came to the capital of the Udmurt Republic from different parts of Volga and Ural districts, many of whom participated in previous March youth conferences in Izhevsk, but there were many new faces as well. 

The speakers of the conference were first deputy head bishop of the RCCEF in Volga and Ural Federal Districts and senior pastor of “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk Pavel Zhelnovakov, senior pastor of “Church of the Risen Christ” in Kemerovo Igor Goloskubov, senior pastor of “Harvest” church in Omsk Sergey Gorbenko.

They not only shared theological reasoning about the Word, but they tried to focus attention of the young people on great importance of following God's will everywhere and in everything. For us the Word should be always first – God’s instruction, direction, and admonition. Through God’s Word we realize our own sinfulness, we repent and receive salvation. His Word guides us through life. The preachers honestly talked about their life stories, experience, so that the youth does not make some mistakes and sees better way out for their situations.   

Throughout the conference worship was led by groups from “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk, “Cornerstone” church from Kazan and “New Testament” church from Perm.

Workshops and seminars that were part of the conference turned out to be very useful. The participants were taught correct speech, work with teenagers, they were given practical advice how to develop their own business, creative work in church , youth camping, missionary work in detail and also such an acute topic of the 21st century as slavery and how church can help set free those who got into this trouble.  

Festival of short motion film among enthusiast, called “Different I” was held for the first time on this youth conference. Overall, there were 9 works from authors from Izhevsk, Votkinsk, Selty and Chaikovskiy. The film by Petr Belyaev from Selty took the first place. His film was named the best by the audience and by the jury.  

Several special zones were created during whole conference in the building of “Philadelphia” church for fellowship, table and interactive games so that young people from different cities and towns could get acquainted and know each other better. This is one of the biggest goal of such events.

However, the preachers gave the biggest priority to the idea that every participant of the conference would make a decision about real changes in their lives to trust God even more and to go where His Word leads. 


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