On March 10 a concert named “Made for each other” was held in “Philadelphia” church. The concert was dedicated to the holidays of the Women’s Day and the Motherland Defender’s Day. It was the first festive event for both women and men that was prepared being inspired by the church ministers Natalia Sokolova and Nadezhda Piguzova. In such an unusual way the arrangers of the concert decided to mention all the comers that both men and women are equally valuable, and their ability to build deep, understanding and loving relationships is the foundation of the values God put into the meaning of the word “family”.

The concerts included various songs sang by the worshiper ministers of the church and women and men choirs; also short sketches based on biblical stories were performed. Children choir “Joy” and children dance group also delighted the concerts guests with their ardor and vivacity. An unusual performance was the dance of young mothers with their kids in slings that have recently become such necessary accessories for young mothers that let them not only do the things they like but even dance. Senior pastor of the church Pavel Zhelnovakov shared a word of congratulations and reminder of the importance of family and keeping relationships of love in it. At the end of the event all the presented ladies received flowers. The evening will be remembered for its sincere atmosphere, meditating about family, love and the relationships that we are called to keep and value every day.

Dilyara Porseva


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