At the service of “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk on April 1 Ilijas Mukhametdinov spoke a sermon of endless difference between man and God and how overwhelming it was for God to take on a human body. The Bible describes this process like that: “He made Himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant” (1 Philippians 2:1-11). The first thing God did when He was heading to our world is humbling Himself, becoming limited, tiny, helpless, that means becoming a human. That’s why a true Christian is the one who succeeded in humbleness just like Jesus.

Senior pastor of the church Pavel Zhelnovakov spoke a word of Holy Week. Analyzing last days of Jesus we can observe the people’s mood changing from admiration of the revealed Messiah to denial of Him and His crucifixion. The way Jesus was acting during the last week of His earthly life made people forget of their admiration. They discovered that actually they were not so happy to see such Savior, suddenly, they realized that they didn’t expect anything like that. But Jesus was the light of the world, and the light doesn’t choose what to light up and what to leave in shadow. It lights up the things as they are, as it meets them.Whether His light met someone idling, hungry for spectacles, vain, jealousy, or weak-willed, it lighted up all of this, exhibited it and made people be ashamed of it. Holy Week tested everyone.

Egor Gvozdikov


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