18 Feb 2018

Own vision of happiness

God created the church as God’s house uniting all believers into one spiritual family (1st Timothy 3:14-15). Youth minister Konstantin Gogolev talked about this revelation on February 18 in Philadelphia church in Izhevsk. He pointed out that God opens Himself as a Father and, as in the Parable of prodigal son, He waits for every sinner to return home. Will that sinner join God’s family depends to some extent on us: we can deny him, like an elder brother from the parable, or take responsibility for him, like David did. In 1st Samuel 22:1-2 David gathered the offended and oppressed, became their leader and made them brave warriors. At the end of the sermon Konstantin suggested that everybody should look at the church like it is their family, to look at the sinners as lost God’s children and at God as loving Father.

Aleksey Obukhov, the pastor of Pervomayskiy region in Izhevsk, continued the service with his sermon about happiness. People have been pursuing happiness since that very moment when Adam and Eve were cast out from the Eden garden. Nevertheless, everybody sees happiness in their own way – for someone it is buying a new car and for others it is a loaf of bread for breakfast. Jews dreamt about establishing their own kingdom before Christ came to earth. However they did not receive what they desired, because the Lord had different intentions. God sees happiness in a different way. He says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit”  (Matthew 5:3), so, in other words, people who do not have their own kingdom are happy, because they fully depend on God. We can build our own ideas about happiness for a long time and still be unhappy, because happiness is only in God, only in building His Kingdom inside us.

Irina Konovalova


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