15 августа

Values in our life

On August 12 at the Sunday service in Philadelphia church in Izhevsk one of the leaders of the youth ministry, Konstantin Gogolev, preached on the topic of personal relationship with God. Relationship with Holy Spirit is very important for us. Without it we won’t feel absolutely happy. Any relationship is a two-way communication and God has made everything on His part, so we should seek His hand and His face also (Psalm 26:8). Konstantin mentioned several extremes and mistakes in aspiration for building relationships. Here are some of them: haste which can ruin any relationship, desire to reach the highest possible level of relationship with God. But any fellowship cannot become deep at once. We need some time for that, some quality time, consistency, openness and sensitivity to Holy Spirit, absence of formality in fellowship

Senior pastor Pavel Ivanovich preached on the mystery of the Kingdom of God and its value in our life. God is encouraging every person to find the most valuable things, that’s why our hearts are restless in the search. Gospel of Matthew 13:44-46 talks about a merchant who is in search, and having found incomparable valuable pearl sells his property and buys that pearl. He realizes its value and ready to give everything for it. The pastor also reminded about the apostle Paul who writes in the Epistle to the Philippians 3:7-8 …”whatever were gains to me I now consider loss for the sake of Christ”. Our efforts and the price that we are ready to pay are determined by what we want and can buy. In spiritual matters the cost is determined by depth of the sacrificial attitude to which we are ready for. Until we realize the price we will always think that we paid more, that’s why it is important to answer the question: what am I ready to invest for the sake of Christ?



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