Testimonies. “At the end of my rope”

Maxim – “I had been strongly involved in sports…By that time, our sports collective was strong and well organized as a team… Some of us decided to take the first steps toward disobeying the law… I realized that I either needed to belong there and stay on or not to live at all...”

Dmitry Denshikov – “My god was sports…In those days I indulged my sins…You didn’t try everything in your life yet, death is still far away. Are we really that far from death? It turned out that death was only a step away…”

Galina Bobrova – “At that time Galina was sure one should try everything in the world, the earlier the better. So, ignoring her friends trying to talk her out of testing it, she did and became addicted to it. How does it feel? First, right after injection it feels unusually great and fresh…”