“At the end of my rope”. Galina Bobrova

“Was lost and is found, was dead and is alive again...”

Galina is 24, and her life is typical in our days. In reality there’s nothing sensational about it. On the contrary, it seems to be dull and even trivial. But this fact, probably, makes even more terrible and tragic the story happened to her. We got used to such stories. They are a natural phenomenon for us. But in reality, this is hell…

Galina was brought up by her mother. Her father seemed to be always away or, to be more exact, she never saw him. Her mother was an alcoholic. The family lived in the suburbs, in a regular multi-storied building with its stinky porches, “muddle-headed” husbands, and wives always weary and tired of shopping bags, old ladies aware of everything that happened in their neighborhood. School was too boring for Galina, but street life with real friends and full of fun seemed exciting.

It all began when the boys, her friends, started their raids on truck gardens, not for apples, but for poppies. Then, poppy was made into drugs and veins were pierced. Lucky is the one who can stop here. One day Galina met her friends. They were unusually excited, because they tried a new drug called “screw”.

At that time Galina was sure one should try everything in the world, the earlier the better. So, ignoring her friends trying to talk her out of testing it, she did and became addicted to it. How does it feel? First, right after injection it feels unusually great and fresh. You feel like you love everyone and want to do only good things. You feel secure. All you need for this “paradise” is one injection a week. But this period grows gradually shorter and transforms into indifference and bitterness when the whole world bares its teeth to grind you and swallow your self- being. You want to bring this bliss back all the time, longing for more injections, but you are never contented again. Isn’t that hell? Soon, you crave for the dose and nothing more. At last, nothing existed for her but drugs. No friends but drug-addicts. No occupation but dealing drugs. Continual drugs, drugs, and drugs....

No background and no future. The community is worried about heroin, taking “screw” as childish fun. Yet this drug literally gobbles your veins up as well as it corrodes your mind.

But it’s more available because it’s cheaper. Thus, it’s more terrifying than expensive drugs. What about Galina? She thought she would never be out of this trap. Besides, she had nothing to be surprised with when it turned out one day; she’d been using one syringe with an aids- infected girl.

Having decided she had no more than two years ahead, she thought it was time to think about God. He brought her to “Philadelphia” Church, where she was baptized not long ago. Christ delivered her from drug –addiction and hepatitis “C”. Now she is full of love and ready to serve people. That’s how it feels when your heart is restored.

One having read this testimony may probably smile ironically and think, “Hm... they might have brain washed her,” while others may have other opinions, more favorable or even philosophic...

There is one thing that Galina is sure about. She was lost and is found, was dead and is alive again. That’s why she is so happy now. Come and you will see.