“Iniquity and wealth”. Yury Baburin

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
My name is Yury Baburin, 38. Me and my wife Zoolphia have 3 wonderful children. We are almost done with our second High Education. We have a photo-business and direct some building works. We are active members of the“ Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk. I accepted Christ in 1994. I have always been fond of sports, though I’ve never had much health and strength. Because of my poignant sense of justice, I often got tangled in boys fights, asserting somebody’s rights and dignity. Later, I was fond of wrestling, hockey and judo. My last passion was karate and it became serious and long lasting. Because of the lack of abilities, I succeeded through zeal and labor.

During the immobility period in our country and first years of perestroika a strong karate club was formed. We called it a “school”. We learned many good things there. Then, my passion became my profession. I read a lot of sport literature and books on oriental philosophy. I started teaching children and teens.

There were drastic changes in our country in the second half of 1980s. Businesses and private property needed protection. Our club started to give these so-called “services”- body guarding, affaires with rivals, debt collection and affaires with criminal groups. Karate became our cult. We were gaining authority within the city. So, our school became a criminal group that has the same methods as criminality. We thought we were Robin Hoods.

First victims turned up soon and they were growing in number. I’ve never been a coward but I was terrified with a question- what were we dying for? Questions about meaning and goals for my life, what will happen after I die? Why was there so much evil around?- It all became so vital, that I was dying to find answers. Though I liked oriental philosophy, it could never satisfy my spiritual search. Praise God that I had Christian friends at that time. We met sometimes to have a philosophy talk. Their witness and the Bible, which I had started to read, took away the veil from my eyes. I felt the touch of Truth that I’d been looking for so long. I asked God to forgive me, and He accepted me. Peace and comfort came into my heart, my fear disappeared because of the Truth and Love of Christ! My worldview and all my self-being changed completely. I stayed in a club and started to witness as I could. Praise God, some of my friends accepted my testimony and they visit church services today. I know for sure, God was the one who saved us then from physical and spiritual death.

Make haste, you, tired and burdened. He will change your life on earth and your fate in the Eternity.

May the Lord bless you,

Yury Baburin .

My e-mail address: babur@udmnet.ru