“Real freedom”. Eugenie Trochin

My wonderful salvation out of prison and rejection!

My childhood was different from that of happy children, starting when my mother had to enter the hospital for the mentally disturbed. My father was an alcoholic and beat my mother ruthlessly. Even though my mom was an unbeliever, she had a wonderful tolerance she could only have gotten from God. Even now, I can still remember those ugly bruises that she had on her neat face. But even then she did not stop repeating to me that my dad was a good man. I was 7 years old when my mother

died. Dad got married for the second time and they began to drink together. I was raised on the streets. I had a father who was a rip-off and who did not raise his son at all, and a new mother who was very evil and wicked.

Early in my childhood I had a hatred of people. I would see mothers in the evenings call their children home, but I was not called by anybody. I was not needed and because of that, I wanted to take revenge. I could easily steal somebody's bike and went faraway kicking it as hard as I could. At such times I was angry and hated everyone. So I grew up with such a complicated situation in my life.

Later, when I had been at school, I allowed myself to grab another man's pocketbook, because I wanted to have what other children had. I can still very distinctly remember the first time I stole, and now it is as shameful and uncomfortable to me as it was then. The stolen money did not bring comfort, but pain. It did not matter how I used it. But I succeeded in overcoming my pain, and finally, after I had stolen for the second time, I was not ashamed. Rather, I was glad. Exactly at that time I crossed the

border and killed every holy thing in me that I had.

After that time, I started to steal, lie, and become sneaky finding pleasure in all of these emotions..

After this, I was put in prison for the firs time, then the second time. and so I began my jail life at the age of 16. One day, when I went out of prison, I thought about what my life was about and what the purpose of my life was and why my life was so useless. Immediately I came to the conclusion that I needed to grab something big and a lot to live on, so that I could refuse the habit of stealing. But, the same nasty old voice came back again, and instead, I found that I had grabbed something big and a lot.eight years in prison!

And yet, I am grateful to God that He gave me those eight years. And there, in the prison, I heard of Jesus Christ for my first time. I do not know by what miracle I got a Bible, but I started to read it. I cannot say that I understood the entire Bible at once. But it raised questions in my mind. The most burning questions I had was "Why did that guy, Jesus die for me and what is this salvation that He is talking about?" Day after day I kept reading the Gospel. One day, I just closed the Bible and started to pray for the first time in my life. I asked Jesus what salvation was all about and why He died for me. When I started to read the Bible again, I heard the words in my heart: "I love you, and I would like you to be my friend!" Those words pierced my heart. I never had real friends and I never

trusted people, or even myself. I got tears in my eyes, and I was ashamed. I asked God why He loves me. I was so dirty: I only did sly acts and performed crimes. I broke all Ten Commandments. But when Jesus talked to my heart again about His love I understood His death. I could not be free myself from sin and hatred; therefore Jesus came to the earth in a human image to die for everyone. Praise God for that!

Now I had become a free person. Christ really changed all my life. He gave me the joy of having a family and blessed me with the ability to serve those who are still in "the prison of sin, darkness, loneliness and wickedness", despite there ability to be free. I was in the same situation and can really understand them. I want to tell you dear "free man" about real freedom and real life. May God help you to realize that, as I was able finally to do!