“Real freedom”. Viktor Zaicev

Before I came to Christ, I had been doing drugs for nine years. I took common ones as well as hard ones like heroin. I was so addicted that if there weren’t drugs, I would drink alcohol or smoke “grass”. For the last three years I took drugs every day. As a result, my family was ruined and I was destroyed. Despite my awful sin, God was merciful to me during those three years. My wife and daughter started to attend Church services. Their prayers and the Church’s prayer began changing my situation for good. God started to work in my life. At that time I was put in prison, since that was the only thing that could stop me on my way. At least for a short while I stopped using drugs since I was in prison.

I was sentenced to be in prison for a long period of time, but I was set free in a year. It was one of the miracles God did in my life. It made me think about Him. After I got out of prison, I started to visit Christian meetings. There I heard God’s Word, which like a seed was put in my heart and began to grow and yield fruit. I realized that I was a sinner. I was drawn to the understanding that Christ died for me on the cross, that He shed His blood for my sins and crimes and took away my sins forever. I accepted Jesus and was baptized March 14th of 1997. After all of that God called me to serve Him and give my testimony about how I was saved and healed by Him. I spoke on TV, at schools, at dormitories and visited rehabilitation centers. Today I can see the fruit of my ministry. There are five others that have been saved and freed from drugs. They serve God and others so that they also can be free from those wicked things.

God has really changed my life. He brought my family back to me. I have a job and a ministry. But the most important is that, He gave me eternal life and meaning for this temporal life! I am often told; I have a strong power of will, and because of that I could stand against wickedness and won over it. One could say, where was that “strong power of will” when I was doing drugs for those nine years? Nobody can get out of a swamp unless someone stronger helps him. God helped me, and He got me out. There is hardly any other power in the Universe like this, which is able to give help that way. Praise the Lord!