Testimonies. “The cost of happiness”

Gulchira Aminova - "I worshipped the Almighty, but the Islamic dogmas about Jesus (that He is not God, only a prophet) were a huge obstacle for me: That evening of December 1989 became my second birthday. When I went forward to accept Christ, I was filled with joy:"

Maina Sashina: "From early childhood, Eugenia lived with this inconsistent feeling. But, at the same time she knew she was born for something different and extraordinary: A preacher began speaking as though he knew about all of her struggles, frustrations and unachieved dreams. Eugenia was touched.

Ludmila Shatce: "I suddenly understood that I did not know who Jesus was, though I know the Bible very well. After I had watched the movie, I started to talk with those people. It happened to be that they were missionaries: After my prayer of repentance, indescribable joy and love covered me. I wanted to kiss those whom I didn't know some moments ago.

Irina Osipova: "I thought life was a very bad joke. During the next seven and a half years, I became depressed and continued in this state of mind for many months. Friends were few and far between. My family was not complete. I didn't like the city nor the people: On Easter, April 27th, 1997, there was an invitation to repent. At that moment, my heart was beating so hard that I even got scared"