“The cost of happiness”. Irina Osipova

“My way to God”

My parents moved to Izhevsk in 1988. In 1999, my family flew to Izhevsk from Leningrad (now it is) (future Saint-Petersburg) to stay with them on vacation. Since then, my life has had some tough times. First, my dad died in my arms. Then my Mom became ill after such tragic circumstances. In conjunction with that, we were supposed to leave our beloved Leningrad and come to Izhevsk. Still a row of tough times continued in my family. It was during this time that my brother’s wife died from awful tortures.

I thought life was a very bad joke. During the next seven and a half years, I became depressed and continued in this state of mind for many months. Friends were few and far between. My family was not complete. I didn’t like the city nor the people. Plus, on top of all of that, my body was attacked by radiculitis in 1997. Then more bad news, far more worse. After I had a medical examination and tests of my body, I found that I had a serious illness. I was absolutely frustrated.

Then my sister came to visit me. By that time she had already visited the “Philadelphia” Church. I shared one more problem with her, to what she said: “God is calling you”. I, in my heart, agreed with that and on the very next Sunday, I was in the Church. On Easter, April 27th, 1997, there was an invitation to repent. At that moment, my heart was beating so hard that I even got scared. I realized that if I was not going to accept Christ now, my heart would be blown up. So, I went up on the stage, repented, and received God’s forgiveness, and His great love for me!

Since then, everything began to change in my life because I had been changed. Now I love this city: I found my Savior here. He gave me His family, brothers and sisters, real friends. He taught me how to love people! Glory and praise Him!