“You’ll be saved, along with your entire household”. Alexey and Ludmila Ermakov

I was born again

My name is Alexey. I live in the village of Asanovo in Alnashskiy region of Udmurt republic. I have a wife and two children. Before I accepted Christ, I was a hopeless alcoholic. I would like to mention one factor. As a village guy I was herding cattle, which disappeared one day in 1991 without any explanations. Certainly, all those tough circumstances affected the health of my wife Ludmila. We had a lack of finances; we didn’t have even enough to pay kindergarten bills.

Feeling helpless, we invited different people to help us in our situation. We invited a gipsy woman, a man from the old Orthodox Church, and tried to sanctify the whole of our property with “holy water” by sprinkling and by another person from another traditional Orthodox Church. In reality we got no result.

In October of 1992, the sister of my wife told us about faith in Jesus Christ. Ludmila was listening to her, making attempts to pray, praising, and reading the Bible. As for me, I didn’t even want to hear of that. That type of talk made me mad. When I got drunk again, I chased after my wife with a knife, and she with children had to hide at a neighbors’ house. That picture continued till 1994.

On that very evening the sisters of my wife came to us again from Izhevsk. As always they began to study the Bible, pray and testify about God’s wonders. At that point something touched me, and I was touched by their words, even though I was drunk as usual. I entered the next room and started listening to them.

On January 2nd, something unusual happened to me. I tried to start smoking, but I couldn’t because I almost threw up. I tried to drink after a hang over, but it was the same when I almost puked. After that, Ludmila made me read the Bible as she was sitting by me doing some handicrafts. Something surprised me, I didn’t want to read, but I did it. I kept on reading the Bible every day from 2:00 p.m. till 4:00 p.m. We were reading and praying, though understood nothing. We realized just one thing – we should do it. During all of that time period, I didn’t drink and didn’t smoke.

Soon after that, at our collective farm started the process of sawing and I fell again. I got drunk. In spite of that believers kept praying for me. During next two years I fell a couple more times after a hard work at the collective farm when I didn’t give my time to God.

In winter of 1996, I was baptized, but after that I fell two more time. During the last binge in 2000, I thought I would die from alcohol poisoning and the hard condition in my soul. At that time I called on God: “Jesus, take my life fully into your hands”! I thought Jesus had left me alone already. Thanks to my wife who supported me instead of rebuking. She inspired me.

After a short time, even without Ludmila’s reminders I began desiring to begin my day with a prayer, I desired to know God. Some times I visited the Philadelphia Church in Izhevsk to hear God’s Word.

God kept on blessing us. I got a new tractor in 2001 from the collective farm, and that’s not simple in our situation. In 2002, I was given a new combine and in the same year we moved into a new house. God really helped us to build the new house and facilities. Before we purchased necessary material to build with, we prayed that believers could use this house for prayers and praising God. God answered us. In 2002, we hosted brothers and sisters from Izhevsk, having our first baptism there.

We hope all of our neighbors will come to Christ, who is alive, and we pray for that. We want those, who are Christians to grow in knowing Jesus!

With love, Alexey and Ludmila Ermakov